The Daniel Singer Prize

Annonce en française

The 2001 Daniel Singer prize has been won by Professor Sam Gindin, of York University, Toronto, Ontario. Professor Gindin holds the Packer Chair in Social Justice, Department of Political Science.

The $2,500 annual prize is a tribute to the outstanding writer and thinker who died in December 2000. Daniel Singer was an independent and important Marxist thinker who extended a critical analysis of capitalism, social democracy and the ideals of socialism, in his journalism and books.

This year's competition attracted submissions from ten states in the USA, as well as from Hungary, India, the UK and Canada. The judges were authors and scholars from Italy, France, England, Mexico and the USA.

The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation now invites submissions for the 2002 Daniel Singer Prize.

Convinced that our society is no longer able to provide answers that meet the social needs of our stage of development, Daniel Singer insisted that another society must be built progressively by the people -- a society unequivocally based on democracy and equality.

The Foundation seeks to stimulate thinking about ways the people of the world, at the beginning of a new millennium, can take control of their own destinies to move societies to a next and higher stage of development.

The prize will be awarded for an original essay of not more than 5,000 words that advances those objectives, and also explores and expands Daniel Singer's legacy.

Essays may be submitted in any language, but if other than English, it would be helpful to append an English translation.

Essays will be judged by an international panel of distinguished experts appointed by the Foundation. The judges' names will not be published. This panel will include none of the trustees. The winning essay will be announced in December 2002, and the winner will be invited to deliver a public lecture based on the essay.

Submissions should be made no later than August 31, 2002, to
The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation
P.O. Box 334, Sherman CT 06784 USA

All enquiries should be sent to this address.

Established as a 501 C3 charity, the Foundation is tax-exempt and can accept donations and appreciated securities. Any donation, from $5 up, in any currency (franc, pound, lira) is welcome. Contributions to the Foundation should be sent to the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees,
Mr. Albert Ruben,
285 Central Park West, Apt. 6-W
New York, NY 10024.

Board of Trustees
Percy Brazil   (Connecticut)    Chairman
Adrian De Wind   (New York)    Secretary
Albert Ruben    (New York)    Treasurer
Frank Fried    (California)
Maurice Lazarus    (Massachusetts)
Jeanne Singer    (France)